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ehold contract responsibility system had not been put into▓ place when I arrived," Xi said.At the core of China's last round of rural refor▓

odel village in neighbor

m, the household responsibility system meant farmers could be allocated land by contract and were

en▓titled to any surpluses to the market or ret▓ain them for their own use.In 1983, the▓ secretary of Lishuangdian Commune proposed to pilot the system on a piece▓ of land in his jurisdiction."Both

ing S▓hanxi Province, where

  • villagers had enough to▓ eat through the hard wo
  • rk to harves▓t grain. Xi and fellow vil
  • lagers of ▓Liangjiahe dreamed of "having corn flour for
  • meals" for ▓the whole year, too."I just
  • turned 20 at ▓that time, and I was mainly thinking
  • about ways to let everyone to harvest a little
  • more grain and have a little pocket money,"
  • Xi said.Xi led the villager▓s in diggi

ng wells, building terraces and se

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I and▓ another deputy secretary of the county c▓ommittee supported him. One year after, only his commune reaped a good harvest com

stora▓ge dams, a

pared with the or▓dinary output elsewhere," Xi said. "Suddenly all ▓the people in the county said this s▓eemed to be a viable way,

nd setting up th

and the system finally go▓t widely implemented.""At that time, Zhengdin▓g was a pure agricultural county. I proposed to ▓purs

first methane-generating pit.He also in▓vited the village's three blacksmith▓s, who had been working

conomic development and a 'semi-suburban' economic model since the county is close to Shijiazhuang," Xi said. "The county [government] set up an office for dive▓rsified economy, and

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y making some money coul▓d we get things done."Among some 30

I was concurrently the CPC County Committ

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,000 young people sent to the Yan'an region from Beijing,

ee's deputy secretary and the office's dir

Xi was the first to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. He was awa

ector.""The five communes south to the Hutuo River had done a good job.▓ Many people went to work

rded▓ a three-w

in Shijiazhuang by bike in the morning," Xi said. "In the Shijiazhuan▓g markets, the vegetables were produced in Zhengding,

heeled motorcycle

those who were selling brooms and simple furniture were from Zhengding, and the guardians of the boile▓

by the Beiji
ng municipal

ump, Clients Testimonials

  • r rooms and the gates were also from Zhengding

    was e

  • king in Fujian▓, Xi often visited families that had

    impossible to drive
  • lived in thatched sheds and small wooden boats for

    it into the vi
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llage. Better to exchange it for something practical," Xi recalled.He ▓then went to the a

  • gricultural bureau

    of Yan'an and excha▓ng by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    generations▓, and would ponder how to lift them out of poverty."Most of the fishing boats were in a ▓dreadful state, without electricity or water supplies. The boats were low, gloomy and damp. Certain fishermen who did not have a bo▓at just made shacks, where it was hot in summer, ▓cold in winter, and hard to shelter from wi

  • ed the motorcycle

    for a hand tractor,▓ a by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    nd and rain," Xi said.After doing research, Xi submitted a report to the CPC Fujian provincial committee, proposing resettling those living in thatched s▓heds and small boats."Communist Party members must have no peace of mind, day and night, to see people living in such poor conditions," he said when presiding over▓ a mee

  • flour milling mach

    ine, a grain thr▓ower, by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ting in 1998 to address the problems.Due to Xi's prop▓osal, in a few years several million people bid farewell to an unstable life.The CPC attached ▓great importance to coordinated development between the advanced and underdeveloped regions of the▓ country. Fujian, for instance, was ta▓sked to assist the development of Ningxia

  • a rice milling mac

    hine and a submersible p by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    Hui Autonomous Re▓gion.Xi was in charge of the assistance as he worked as de▓puty secretary of the CPC Fujian prov▓incial committee."We are a socialist country. Having taken the first steps to prosper, the coastal regions in the east should not leave other areas ▓alone. We need to achieve common prosperity," Xi said.Wit▓hin

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